Recycled Hardwood Mulch

While cypress mulch has become an industry standard, the identical look and texture of recycled hardwood mulch makes it the best mulch to use if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality mulch that has less of an environmental impact. It is almost identical in appearance and comes in the same light to medium brown color as cypress mulch. As is standard with wood mulches, it does need to be replaced from time to time and will darken slowly over time.

Our recycled hardwood mulch does not require a tree to be cut down. It comes from yard waste (also known as green waste) that is removed from lawn maintenance and landscaping projects.

Recycled Hardwood Mulch

Instead of allowing this green waste to take up space in a waste facility, we turn it into an eco-friendly alternative. We use a refined technique to select only the highest quality hardwood. After our selection process is complete, our proprietary multiple grinding preparation makes our recycled hardwood mulch the best mulch to use anywhere you would use any other traditional mulch.

Recycled hardwood mulch has several benefits including water retention, weed suppression, and a soil enriching decomposition process. The size variation of our recycled hardwood mulch (3″ minus) also makes it the best mulch for even the biggest projects. The mix of smaller and larger pieces ensures that it “locks” together to create a more consistent covering.

At 1 Stop Landscape Supply, our recycled hardwood mulch is available in bulk quantities. It is available for both delivery and pick-up. Please call us to find out our current pricing.