2019 Compost-A-Thon

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2019 Compost-A-Thon

At 1 Stop Landscape Supply, we manufacture landscape supplies out of waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  Our mission is to recycled 100% of the material we take in.  However, we look at it as much more than that.  We want to make recycling and the use of recycled material more accessible to the community.  As part of this goal, we strive to align ourselves with organizations who share our vision.  Sunshine Community Compost, for example, is a local community organization that actively educates the community about keeping compostable material out of landfills.  This year, we were happy to take part in Sunshine Community Compost’s second annual Compost-A-Thon.

Compost-A-Thon takes place during International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW). Participants collect food scraps in sealed buckets throughout the week.  Then, at the end of the week, they bring their collected scraps to designated drop-off sites.  After the final “weigh in,” a community party with food, family-friendly games, and educational booths takes place.  Overall, the goal of the event is to divert food waste away from landfills, but it also educates participants about composting practices.

This year’s event was an overwhelming success!

Between May 5th and May 11th, approximately 140 households (and a local juicer) collected food scraps.  On May 11th, the participants transported their food scraps to various community compost sites throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.  A total of 1,985 pounds of food scraps were collected between the fifteen participating drop-off sites.  In other words, the event diverted nearly a ton of food scraps away from landfills!

​Materials Collected:

sealed compost bucket with writing, composting bucket, food scraps bucket

An Example of the Sealed Food Scraps Buckets (Photo Provided by Sunshine Community Compost)

  • Fruit and Vegetable Scraps
  • Grains
  • Used Coffee Grinds and Tea Leaves
  • Paper Towels and Napkins
  • Paper Cardboard Rolls
  • Crushed Egg Shells

The results from the Compost-A-Thon are impressive, but the impact doesn’t have to be restricted to once a year. You can keep the momentum going all year long.


Well, it is easier than you think.  In fact, Sunshine Community Compost holds events throughout the year and has multiple resources available to teach you more about composting at home.  At 1 Stop Landscape Supply, we carry a line of recycled products for your landscape and garden.  These are just a couple of ways that you can begin to make a difference.  Sure, these steps may seem small, but every step toward sustainability is a powerful step toward a better future!

More Information:

1 Stop Landscape Supply’s Booth at the Compost-A-Thon Party (photo provided by Sunshine Community Compost)

Guest Speaker at the Compost-A-Thon Party (photo provided by Sunshine Community Compost)

How to Make Compost Display at Compost-A-Thon Party (photo provided by Sunshine Community Compost)

Group Photo of Compost-A-Thon Participants (photo provided by Sunshine Community Compost)

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