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Take COMAND® of your lawn and landscape!

  • Lab Tested
  • 100% Natural
  • Weed Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Improves Soil Structure

COMAND® Soil Amendment

At 1 Stop Landscape Supply, we only feature compost, soil, and other natural products from companies that share our vision of sustainability.  We are proud to feature COMAND® as a part of our line of sustainable compost and soil.  Part COMpost and part sAND, COMAND® is 100% natural.  This is the topdressing your lawn has been craving!

What is COMAND®?

COMAND® is a top dressing for your lawn. Through a proprietary process developed by Harvest Quest, COMAND® contains colonies of beneficial microbes that have been specifically tailored to the local environment. Just spread COMAND across your lawn as a topdressing and water after application. Restore the natural ecosystem in your soil. COMAND® is both pet (and human) safe!


Restore your Lawn with COMAND®

  • Promotes more consistent turf color and consistent top growth
  • Improves turf’s wear-tolerance to heavy traffic and use
  • Encourages natural suppression of diseases and other harmful elements
  • Steadily feeds your lawn with an array of slow-release macro and micro-nutrients
  • Improves water holding to provide drought resistance and smarter watering practices

COMAND® Breaks Down Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead and living turfgrass that develops between your lawn and the the topsoil. It is a common development in Florida due to excessive watering and inconsistent or poor landscaping practices. Thatch creates a potentially toxic environment for your lawn. COMAND is the perfect solution for thatch reduction because COMAND contains microbes that decompose organic matter. Applying COMAND will break thatch down into soil-improving material such as plant food, humus, and organic acids.


How does COMAND® Improve Soil Health?

  • Improved soil structure and porosity (creating a better root environment)
  • Increased infiltration and permeability (allowing for optimum nutrient percolation in your soil)
  • Improved nutrient retention
  • Replenished and restored activity of beneficial microbes

On-site: Understanding the COMAND® Process

COMAND® Improves Soil for Citrus Growers

COMAND® in Action at the Roger Dean Stadium