A Day in the Life of: Scale House Operator

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A Day in the Life of:

Kathleen, Scale House Operator Extraordinaire

What is a scale house operator? 

That’s a great question.  As a recycling facility, we take yard debris and recycle it into compost, mulch, and more.  Our customers come in with yard debris and are charged by the weight to unload.  That’s where the scale house operator comes in.

But there is a lot more to working in the scale than just taking weights and being a cashier.  We answer phones, take deliveries, sell retail products, and we really are the eyes and ears of all the other departments.  I guess this is because everything starts and ends at the scale house window.  So, we get to be both the first and last impression.

What’s your favorite part about working at the scale house?

The customers.  We have quite a few of the same customers that come to our facility every day.  They are hardworking, and they appreciate us helping them quickly and courteously.  There is also something really gratifying about being a part of reducing waste and creating “green” products.


How would you describe your typical day?

It can be very busy, and mornings are a good example.  They are usually fast-paced and busy. I help the equipment operators start their day by giving them keys, clipboards, and radios.  Then, usually along with another operator, I balance phone calls and trucks coming to unload yard debris or pick up the materials they need for the day. I make a difference in the day of both other employees and our customers.  For me, that’s a win.

1 Stop's scale house and scale on a sunny day

What About the Rest of the Day?

Honestly, the rest of the day can be pretty busy too.  We have customers who come in to purchase retail, set up deliveries, or sometimes just to ask questions.  There’s also keeping tickets and the scale house organized.  So, between rushes, there is always plenty to do.

What have you learned since working here?

I have been here a year, and I have learned a lot of new things since I started.  Now, I can convert yards to tons; I am able to tell the difference between landscape materials like compost, topsoil, and fill dirt; and I even figure out how much product a customer might need for a project.

What type of growth opportunities have you had since working at 1 Stop?

I’ve been given the opportunity to learn some of the administrative ins and outs of the company.  Not only have the owners of the company shown that they trust me, but they have provided me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally with these added responsibilities.  So, I am excited to see where these opportunities lead.

What advice do you give our new employees?

Smile.  Take your time.  Try to be accurate and consistent.  And, of course, remember to be a team-player.

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