Five Florida Flowers that Look Like Fireworks

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Five Florida Flowers that Look Like Fireworks

Independence Day is the standout summertime holiday in the United States.  It is when we celebrate our nation’s independence with picnics, barbecues, and by sending fireworks into the sky to create explosions of color!  In nature, similar explosions of color occur naturally in the form of flowers.  In fact, you might say that flowers are nature’s fireworks.  That is why, in celebration of Independence Day, we present five Florida flowers that look like fireworks!

Spider Lily

When it comes to Florida flowers, the spider lily is quite unique.  With its long petals, the shape of the spider lily is reminiscent of a fire cracker sprawling across the sky.  According to the University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions, this Florida native plant is known for its fragrant, white blooms.  It grows up to three feet in height and works well as a fast-growing ground cover.  The spider lily is tolerant of drought, wet, and salt-spray conditions; however, it does not do well in the cold.

florida flowers, spider lily, white flower

Blanket Flower

This flowering plant brings all the bugs to the yard… and birds.  In fact, its attractive flowers of orange, red, and yellow secured the blanket flower a place on this list.  According the Florida Native Plant Society, these flowers attract more than just the human eye.  The blanket flower attracts many pollinators (such as honey and native bees, butterflies and wasps) and birds (including chickadees, titmice, and warblers).  It grows best in dry areas and has a high salt tolerance.

florida flowers, blanket flower, orange and yellow flowerPowderpuff Mimosa

The United States Department of Agriculture describes the powderpuff as a drought tolerant, low-growing plant that tolerates foot traffic quite well.  It is known for its flowers, which resemble a powderpuff.  As seen below, its flowers also resemble fireworks or sparklers.  The powderpuff is not an aggressive plant, but it makes a good ground cover because of how quickly it grows.  However, it is not an evergreen.  Its distinctive, green, fern-like foliage disappears in cooler months.

florida flowers, powderpuff mimosa, purple flowersBlack-Eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is a brightly-colored flower that made this list because of its cheery color and starburst shape. describes the black-eyed Susan a Florida native with medium drought tolerance and little to no salt tolerance.  Like many of the Florida flowers on this list, the black-eyed Susan attracts various pollinators and birds.

florida flowers, black eyed susan, yellow flowersStokes Aster

The University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions describes the Stokes’ aster as a versatile, showy flower that requires little maintenance to thrive.  These firework resembling Florida flowers are generally blue-lilac, but it comes in other colors too.  These variants include colors ranging from deep purple to yellow.  This is a fairly drought tolerant plant.  It is known for attracting pollinators and birds due to its sweet nectar.

florida flowers, stokes aster, purple flower

Florida Flowers in Your Landscape

Plenty of Florida flowers resemble fireworks.  Many of them are vibrant and unique!  This makes them a fun addition to any landscape.  Furthermore, including Florida native plants in your landscape is great for the environment.  Why?  Well, Florida natives require less maintenance and can survive many of our local weather conditions.  What could be better?  If you are interested, there are many resources that can help locate Florida native plants!  Once found, we can help you get your new plants established.  At 1 Stop, we carry a wide variety of soil and soil amendments that benefit the local ecosystem.

Happy Fourth of July!

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