Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1 Stop Landscape Supply deliver?

Yes. We do deliver. Our delivery price will vary based on location. Call now to ask one of our associates for a delivery quote.

How many bags of mulch equals a yard?

13.5 2cf bags equals 1 yard. 9 3cf bags equals 1 yard

How much is 1 yard of product?

One yard of product is equivalent to 27 cubic square feet.

What type of Yard Waste/ Green Waste does 1 Stop Landscape Supply accept?

We accept trees, dirt, grass, mulch, and more types of green waste. Please be sure to remove any trash/debris that may get mixed in. We are not the dump, and contaminated material will be turned away.

Does 1 Stop Landscape Supply accept concrete?

Yes. However, we only take clean concrete with no metal or rebar.

Are any types of wood material not accepted at 1 Stop Landscape?

We do not accept painted, chemically treated, or pressure treated wood. We also do not accept railroad ties.

Are sandbags available at 1 Stop Landscape Supply?

Yes, we carry 1.5cf bags. Each bag weighs approximately 30-40 pounds.

I don’t have a truck or trailer. Can I fill up the trunk of my car with bulk material (aggregates, mulches, soils)?

1 Stop Landscape Supply does not load product into car trunks, garbage bins, storage bins, or other unapproved containers. Please be sure to ask one of our sales associates if we are able to load your vehicle. If you do not have a truck bed or trailer, we sell most of our bulk materials in bagged quantities as well.