How Earthworms Improve Soil

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How Earthworms Improve Soil

Earthworms are a lot more than just fish bait.  Sure, they have a slimy reputation, but our slime-covered friends are also known to improve soil quality.  They do a lot more for our soil than you may realize.  In fact, earthworms are essentially free labor for your garden and landscape.  Here are 3 ways earthworms improve your soil and 2 great ways to encourage earthworms to live in your soil.

worms that improve soil, compost, worms, red worms, dark soil3 Ways Earthworms Improve Soil

  1. Earthworms improve soil porosity.  This helps water and air flow through the soil, which feeds your plants.
  2. Earthworms “turn” the soil.   This brings organic matter down from the top, nutrient-dense layers of soil.
  3. Earthworms break down organic matter into usable “worm castings” that act like fertilizer.

What are Worm Castings?

Worm castings, also known as vermicast, are worm waste.  Yup, it is a fancy way of saying worm poop. defines castings as “football-shaped particles” that improve aeration and drainage as well as water retention in the soil. Worm castings are also a fantastic way to feed your plants.  In fact, the castings contain all of the essential nutrients that plants need to thrive.

Creating an Environment for Earthworms

Want to know how to attract and keep earthworms in your soil?   It is actually pretty simple.  Just add compost!  Organic material, such as compost, provides additional organic material for the earthworms to eat.  Earthworms live in the top 10” – 12” inches of soil.  So, this is where you want to add the organic material.  Also, these little farmers like moist soil.  Keep your soil moist by laying down a layer of mulch.  Along with many other benefits, mulch regulates soil moisture.


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