How to Lay Mulch Around Your Tree

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This Arbor Day learn how to lay mulch around your tree.

Did you know that laying mulch around a tree has many benefits?  Not only is it visually pleasing, but it is healthy for the soil and the tree.  Knowing how to lay mulch around your tree is important.  It is a simple process, but it can be done incorrectly.  So, here are some simple steps to make sure you get the most of laying mulch around your trees.

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How to Lay Mulch around a Tree

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the following three steps are the best steps to follow when laying mulch around the base of a tree.

  1. Remove any grass from around the base of the tree. You can do this in a 3 to 10 foot diameter, but it depends on the side of the tree.    The Green Mountain Gardener from the University of Vermont Extension recommends starting six inches away from the truck of the tree and moving outward to the desired area.
  2. Pour your choice of mulch 2 to 4 inches deep. Too thick of a layer can be harmful to the tree, and have undesirable effects.  The desired depth can be affected by the use of weed mat.  So, if you have questions about how to lay mulch, be sure to consult a landscaping professional.
  3. DO NOT allow the mulch to touch the tree trunk. Be sure to clear any extra mulch that settles too near to the trunk.

Benefits of Laying Mulch around a Tree

There are several benefits that come from the proper application of mulch around a tree.  That’s why it is very important to understand how to lay mulch properly.

  1. Mulch provides insulation to the soil around the tree. This insulation protects it from heat and cold.
  2. Mulch is an excellent way to regulate soil moisture, which benefits trees’ root systems.
  3. Properly applied, mulch also suppresses weed growth. As a result, there is less root competition.
  4. The chance of soil compaction is also reduced when mulch is applied.
  5. A layer of mulch also makes trees are less likely to take damage from lawn mowers and other forms of landscape maintenance.

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