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In 2015, 1 Stop Landscape Supply & Yard Waste Recycling Facility moved to a much larger facility and expanded our business model.  Since our expansion, we accept more yard debris and make even more sustainable solutions for our customers.  Well, we are excited to announce that phase two has finally arrived!

On April 1st, 2016, 1 Stop Landscape Supply becomes 1 Stop Authentic Italian Eatery & Yard Waste Recycling Facility!  That’s right, folks!  We are venturing into the highly competitive field of Green Cuisine!  Don’t worry, though.  We will still be accepting your green waste.  However, instead of compost or mulch, we will be turning your green waste into authentic Italian dishes.

Check out our new signature line:

17151405_mFreshly Composted “Meatballs”

Using a proprietary method, we monitor and turn our compost for weeks.  After aging and decomposing to its optimum flavor, we hand roll the compost into meatballs.   These meatballs are perfect for any dish, but they can stand alone as a dish themselves.  Paired them with a robust, red wine and a savory sauce on our recycled hardwood pasta!  Composted meatballs are guaranteed to be gluten free, meat free, and weed seed free.  Most importantly, our compost is rich in local microorganisms.  Yum!




11207680_mRecycled Hardwood Pasta Alfredo

Our signature recycled hardwood pasta comes direct from local gardens, landscapes, and community lots.  Farm-to-plate cuisine has nothing on us!  A main signature dish, recycled hardwood pasta is almost identical to traditional cypress pasta.  However, unlike traditional cypress pasta, our recycled alternative comes at a surprisingly affordable price!

Our award-winning Recycled Hardwood Pasta Alfredo comes served with fresh grass clippings and a finely grated aggregate-based paver sand.  This dish is 100% recycled!

Pasta HarvestTraditional, Home-Grown Pasta

If you prefer fresh grown pasta, we grow and cultivate our own pasta trees!  Imported from Italy, these trees are nourished by our all-natural compost!  Also, because of increased moisture from El Nino, this year’s pasta harvest is bountiful.  In fact, pasta tree experts compare this year’s harvest to the famous pasta harvest of 1957!  Any extra clippings from this harvest will be recycled and added to our recycled hardwood pasta for extra zing!


14442405_mRecycled Hardwood Pizza

Are your taste buds prepared?  Imagine recycled cheese, sauce, and toppings (of your choice) atop our traditional recycled hardwood crust.  This unique composition makes our recycled hardwood pizza a soon-to-be favorite!  To make it even better, we only use authentic Italian wood pallets for this dish.  As always, you can count on this savory crust to be chemical and preservative free.


Don’t forget our dessert menu complete with Mississippi Mud Pie (the mud is authentic!).


AprilFoolPatioAre you a can of appetizers?  If so, our endless “first grind appetizer” plate is a must have.  Who needs endless bread sticks and salad? Our endless supply of first grind comes straight from our production area.  However, if you want to take advantage of this appetizer promotion, ask for outside seating.  It’s a buffet-style, endless plate of recycled deliciousness!

Please no plate sharing!





AprilFoolScaleFor those of you seeking a romantic meal, ask the hostess for seating by our scale.  Many of our customers say gentle purr of semi trucks coming and going reminds them of Venetian gondolas.  We agree!  The baritone engines of the trucks provide a romantic serenade and added ambiance.  Plus, our scale is red!  What could be more appropriate for a couple in love?

1 Stop Landscape Supply & Yard Waste Recycling Facility has long-been committed to serving the community.  Now, we’re ready to lend our recycling capabilities to romantic outings and full bellies!

Still not convinced?  Well, you shouldn’t be.  It is April 1st!

Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day!




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