Landscaping Tips for Storm Preparedness

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Landscaping Tips for Storm Preparedness

An Infographic

In Florida, the rainy season is from June 1st to September 30th.  During this season, expect thunderstorms and even hurricanes to become a part of your day-to-day life.  Most Floridians think about storm and hurricane preparedness for their homes, but how many think about preparing their landscapes?  Even afternoon storms can have high winds and torrential downpour.  So, your landscape needs to be prepared too.  The following infographic presents some landscaping tips that are a great way to get started!

landscaping tips infographic, infographic about storm preparedness

For more information about landscaping tips, check out your local agricultural extension!

Use Compost

Of all the landscaping tips for storm preparedness, this one is beneficial no matter the time of year.  Adding compost to your soil is a great way to ensure that your plants are healthy and strong.  Not only does compost provide increased drainage for your soil, but it fortifies the soil with healthy microorganisms.  These microorganisms help your plants fight off pests and disease.  Also, compost creates a soil environment that is great for root structures.  As a result, your plants can withstand more wind and rain.

Secure Trees and Shrubs

Secure young trees and shrubs with stakes.  This is not likely to prevent damage from a hurricane, but it helps with daily thunderstorms.  Staking kits are available for you do-it-yourselfers, but consult a landscaping expert to make sure that it is done properly.  Why?  Well, there are many factors that must be considered when staking trees and shrubs.  For example, the angle of the stake, the length of rope, and even how much wiggle room the tree is given can influence the strength of the tree as it grows.

Prune Branches and Remove Fruit

Dead branches and hanging fruit become projectiles in high wind.  To prevent this from happening,  remove these throughout the storm season.  Also, it is important to do this on a regular basis.  Severe storms form with little to no warning.  Even an “afternoon storm”  can bring high winds and torrential rains.

Check Drainage

Even afternoon thunderstorms bring a lot of rain.  You can expect a lot of damage from a clogged or misdirected drainage system.  So, make sure that your drainage system and gutters are positioned properly and don’t have any clogs.  You don’t want to see soil displaced or plants killed because of unintentional spouts of water.

Landscaping Tips are Guidelines

Landscaping tips are guidelines and vary based on your particular landscape’s needs.  Be sure to consult an expert or, if you are an expert, go to a landscape supply store that can provide what you need.  At 1 Stop Landscape Supply we offer various landscape supplies, soil, and soil amendments to help you prepare your landscape.  So, give us a call or stop by today!  It’s never too early to prepare your landscape.

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