Enhance the appearance of your landscape or garden with mulch.  Mulch helps reduce maintenance and helps nourish your soil!  1 Stop Landscape Supply offers a huge selection of mulches perfect for any project. 

Please note: bulk and bagged quantities of our mulches may vary in color.


Recycled Hardwood Mulch

While cypress mulch has become an industry standard, the identical look and texture of Recycled Hardwood Mulch makes it the best mulch to use if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality mulch that has less of an environmental impact. It is almost identical in appearance and comes in the same light to medium brown color as cypress mulch. As is standard with wood mulches, it does need to be replaced from time to time and will darken slowly over time. Our Recycled Hardwood Mulch is only available in bulk quantities.

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Mineral Mulch

Gone are the days of needing to choose between a stunning landscape and healthy soil. A mix of organic material and humus, Mineral Mulch starts nourishing your soil from day one. As part of our signature line of products, Mineral Mulch is made onsite from local yard debris. With no added chemicals or dyes, this organic product is a perfect addition to your sustainable Florida landscape. So, start nourishing your landscape today!

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Chocolate Mulch

Chocolate Mulch is a must-have for anyone looking to create stunning visual experience. Its dark brown coloring creates a vibrant display out of almost any color plant. Chocolate Mulch helps conserve the moisture of your soil, deters weed growth, and enriches soil quality as it breaks down.   Chocolate Mulch gets its unique dark coloring from an environmentally friendly dye.  Our Chocolate Mulch is available in bulk or bagged quantities.


Cypress Blend Mulch

Cypress Mulch is one of the most desirable mulches for landscaping and gardening projects. When applied properly, its unique texture creates an effective weed barrier.  Cypress Mulch fades and breaks down slowly, which means it needs to be replaced less frequently than some other mulches. As it does break down, however, it also helps to enrich the soil. Our Cypress Blend Mulch is available in bagged quantities.


Red Mulch

If you are looking for a mulch to enhance the beauty of your landscaping or gardening project, consider Red Mulch. Known for its distinctive color, the sharp contrast of Red Mulch against green plant life creates a unique, memorable effect. Red Mulch helps to conserve the moisture of your soil, deters weed-growth, and helps to enrich the soil as it breaks down. Its red coloring comes from a harmless red dye. Our Red Mulch is available in bulk or bagged quantities.


Black Mulch

With a dark coloring that truly stands out, Black Mulch is a great way to protect your soil while creating a unique aesthetic. Our Black Mulch has a harmless black dye added to enhance its appearance. Like other mulches, Black Mulch deters weed growth and regulates the moisture and temperature of your soil. Our Black Mulch is only available in bagged quantities.


Large Pine Bark Nuggets

The reddish brown coloring of Large Pine Bark Nuggets adds a natural look to your garden or landscaping. Also, the large size creates enhanced texture.   Pine Bark Nuggets are known to help loosen up heavy soil and enhance its acidity. Unlike some other mulches, Pine Bark will not compact as much and is best used in flat beds where it is not affected by heavy rains. Our Large Pine Bark Nuggets are available in bulk or bagged quantities.


Mini Pine Bark Nuggets

Mini Pine Bark Nuggets have the same benefits as Large Pine Bark Nuggets; however, they are screened for a smaller size and texture. Like the larger nuggets, Mini Pine Bark Nuggets enhance the acidity of your soil and break up heavy soil. Pine Bark mulch is lighter than other mulches.  So, Pine Bark is ideal for flat beds. Mini Pine Bark Nuggets will not compact as much as some other mulches. Our Mini Pine Bark Nuggets are available in bulk or bagged quantities.


Pine Fines

Pine Fines are known for their distinctive aroma and appearance. Often considered a soil amendment, Pine Fines are fantastic for acid-loving plants. While they are too small to be sold as a bark mulch, Pine Fines are ideal for flower beds or even container plantings. Use Pine Fines to introduce organic material into soil with a heavy clay consistency.  Our Pine Fines are available in bagged quantities only.