1 Stop Palm

Palms in South Florida often suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Many of these can be avoided through the use of a proper fertilizer. 1 Stop Palm 8-0-14 is the perfect solution. This blend is an excellent palm formula with emphasis on very large amounts of potassium, manganese, and magnesium. While also emphasizing minor elements, our blend utilizes a lower nitrogen content. This ensures that your palms do not undergo excessive, rapid growth. As a result, your palms will flourish from a stable and healthy growth pattern.


Nutritional deficiencies in palms can be difficult to diagnose. Many result from malnutrition or improper fertilization techniques. However, the symptoms tend to overlap. While some are clear and easy to diagnose, others can vary only slightly from each other. A balanced approach to fertilizing can be hard to figure out as a result. 1 Stop Landscape Supply always recommends consulting an expert before attempting to treat an ailing palm.