Benefits of Compost

What is Compost?

Compost is a natural way to nourish your lawn, landscape, and garden.  It comes from the natural decomposition process of waste that would otherwise end up in already overcrowded landfills.  The decomposition process creates a material that is filled with nutrients and healthy microorganisms.  As a landscaping practice, its use decreases the need for artificial methods.  This positively impacts the environment and your wallet!

Rising Popularity

This landscaping practice is not exactly new.  However, it continues to grow in popularity.  Why?  Well, our awareness of how green waste and food waste impacts landfills and the environment also continues to grow. In fact, According to the EPA, in 2015 landfills received 10.8 million tons of yard waste.  This marks a sharp decrease since 2010, but it is still space that could be made available for materials that cannot be recycled or reused.  So, using compost is good for your lawn and garden as well as the environment.

compost in hand soil amendment

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Why Should I use Compost?

If you want enhance the structure of sandy soils and clay soils, this is the product for you. Its organic matter helps to break up the heavier materials, which makes the soil lighter and assists in drainage. Compost-enriched soils provides excellent growing conditions to quickly establish new shrubs, plants, and turf.   However, it is not considered a pure growing medium.  It should be mixed with soil to improve soil conditions.

What’s its Secret?

The secret is in the microorganisms. A compost rich in microorganisms encourages nature to work for you! The resulting enriched soils allow earthworms and other beneficial creatures to flourish. The activity of these creatures releases essential nutrients into the soil.  As a result, plants grow stronger and more resistant to disease.

Available at 1 Stop

1 Stop’s Signature Compost is eco-friendly, sustainable, and rich in beneficial microorganisms. Our source material is 100% local. Yard debris is brought to our facility where it is composted. Then, we monitor temperature and systematically turn it. Turning adds air and water to the pile as it breaks down. Beneficial microorganisms flourish due to this process.  Also, allowing the compost pile to reach a certain temperature kills weed seed.

We also carry COMAND.

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