Recycled Hardwood Mulch

1 Stop Landscape Supply & Yard Waste Recycling Facility is proud to offer our own recycled hardwood mulch.  While this mulch is almost identical in appearance to cypress mulch, it does not require a tree to be cut down.  Instead, we recycle yard debris (also known are yard waste or green waste) to make a sustainable solution for your landscape project.  Instead of allowing local yard debris to take up space in a landfill, we recycle it into a stunning mulch that’s perfect for any landscape project.

Recycled hardwood mulch has several benefits including water retention, weed suppression, and a soil enriching decomposition process. The size variation of our recycled hardwood mulch (3″ minus) also makes it ideal for even the biggest projects. The mix of smaller and larger pieces ensures that it “locks” together to create a more consistent covering.

Our recycled hardwood mulch is sold by the yard. Delivery and pick-up options are available.

For current pricing, contact us today.