Top Soil

Topsoil is typically dark in appearance. It is nutrient-dense and helps to enrich overall soil quality. It can be used as a dressing prior to laying down sod or blended to create a planting bed. Due to its unique composition, topsoil is ideal for drainage. Generally, this layer of soil has the highest concentration of microorganisms and other organic material.


While its actual depth can vary, usually the top 2 to 6 inches of soil is considered the topsoil layer. An alternative measurement of topsoil is the depth from the surface to the first layer of soil that is densely packed.


Plants usually obtain most of their nutrients from the topsoil and concentrate their roots in this layer. Some types of topsoil are found naturally, while others are manufactured.


At 1 Stop Landscape Supply, when naturally-sourced topsoil is available, it comes from local areas and is trammeled to ensure a consistent size and texture. Using a local source of natural topsoil is beneficial because it contains microorganisms that are native to the area. This not only helps to preserve the local ecosystem, but it also creates an environment in which local plants can thrive.


1 Stop’s custom-made topsoil is a blend of our high-quality compost and sand. Our signature blend of sand and compost is not only weed seed free, but it creates a topsoil with optimized drainage properties. Because our compost is made from local sources, our manufactured topsoil also contains beneficial microorganisms that are native to the area.