Our Recycling Services

 1 Stop Landscape Supply is proud to offer several recycling services. We accept yard waste/ green waste, clean concrete, and some other types of woods (including some pallets).


Green Waste Recycling

The green waste (aka yard waste) that we recycle includes: branches, trees, tree stumps, dirt, mulch, plants, and more. These must all be free of contamination and trash. All yard waste is inspected before it is allowed to be unloaded on the property. Any contaminated yard waste will be turned away.

Concrete Recycling

We currently accept concrete, ceramic tile, brick pavers, porcelain toilets and sinks, old river rock, some drywall, cinder blocks, sidewalk, asphalt, cobblestone, and bricks. We use recycle these materials and make various products. As with our green waste collection, these materials must be clean and free of trash or other debris. We will not accept plastics, metal, sub-flooring, steel rebar, glass, or wiring.

Wooden Pallets

We do accept wood material other than trees; however, these must be free of chemicals, cannot be pressure treated, and cannot be painted. They must also have a minimal amount of metal (small staples and nails are acceptable).   We do not allow railroad ties on the premises. We will also not accept glue board, asphalt roof shingles, plywood, or furniture. These all contain contaminants that would affect the natural products we create.

The Recycling Process

Whether it’s for our recycled mulch, compost, or signature soils, 1 Stop Landscape Supply works diligently to ensure that all of our recycled products are free of contaminants. We select only the highest quality of wood for our recycled wood mulch, and the rest is used for other products (such as our compost or signature soils). After careful selection, the material is sorted by purpose and then ground with our energy efficient machinery. This process helps 1 Stop maintain the highest quality of recycled products and continue to preserve the natural balance of our ecosystem.

Here at 1 Stop Landscape Supply, we strive to recycle 100% of everything we take in. We accept trees, dirt, grass, mulch, and more to create a variety of products that include mulches, composts, and soils.  Click here to learn more about our vision or call us for pricing.