River Rock

The River Rock Landscape

One of the most popular decorative rocks is river rock.  It is a versatile choice that can be used in multiple landscaping projects. Unlike other rocks, which commonly have jagged edges, this type of rock has been smoothed and rounded by natural erosion. Its smooth appearance makes it a unique decorative element. Common uses include mulch substitution, pathways, and more!

River Rock as Mulch

If you are looking for a unique mulch alternative, using river rock as mulch has many benefits. For example, rocks are more resilient than organic mulch. They do not easily wash away or blow away. This is potentially cost-saving because you will not have to replace your mulch as often. Furthermore, rocks are great at inhibiting weed growth.

Other Landscaping Uses

River rock has many uses in the landscape. For example, it is great for decorative walkways or driveways.  If you create a walkway, use smaller sized rocks to make sure you have better walking stability. However, if you create a driveway, use medium-sized rocks.  Another creative project is to create a dry “creek bed.”  You can wind it around other features or make it the main feature itself.  But the options don’t end there.  You can also create stunning displays around your potted plants by adding it as a top dressing.

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