Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark)

The Sarasota Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) Landscape


Sarasota and Bradenton Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) projects typically involve using it as an alternative to mulch in gardens and landscapes.  This aggregate often goes by two names: Crimson Stone and Cedar Bark.  It is aptly named Cedar Bark because resembles a bark mulch.  It has a similar texture to bark and a similar feel.  The varying colors make it look organic.  However, unlike its organic counterpart, Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) is much more resilient.


As a more permanent addition to your landscape, it does not require the same rate of replacement as an organic mulch. As a ground cover, it is wonderful around your plants.  It helps regulate the moisture, temperature, and weed growth in your soil.  Due to its resilience, you do not need to replace it as often as organic mulch.  However, some displacement can occur.  We usually recommend buying a bag or two extra to replace any of the Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) that may get displaced.


History of Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark)


Sarasota and Bradenton landscape projects that include Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) can be seen as having a part of history in their landscape.  That’s because Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) has a very interesting origin story.  It dates back to around 100 years ago.  According to legend, this limited-supply stone was not naturally created.  It is actually an unintended result of old, antiquated mining practices in the mines Alabama.  The stone was inadvertently created from a search for new sources of coal.


As the miners searched for coal, they would often discard of shale, sandstone, red clay, and other various materials.  These discarded materials eventually formed small “mountains” that ended up catching on fire.  The great blaze of these mountains reached very high temperatures.  As a result, what we call Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) was created from the fusion of these discarded mining materials.  That being said, it is important to point out that in modern-day mining practices, we are less likely to see such an event.  Safety has increased and so has the use and reuse of products that would normally be discarded.  So, get Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) while it’s hot.


Crimson Stone (Cedar Bark) is sold by the ton or it can be bagged here on property.  It is available for delivery and pick up.  Call one of our knowledgeable associates today to get an estimate! Looking for landscaping ideas or information about current promotions? Like us on Facebook!

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