Tahitian Granite

The Sarasota and Bradenton Tahitian Granite Landscape


Tahitian Granite offers a soft, natural look that is surprisingly durable.  It is a cost efficient solution that is ideal for covering both large and small projects.  Its unique mix of features makes it an ideal addition for your Bradenton and Sarasota landscape projects.  Pour it as a path or add it to your garden bed, it is a versatile aggregate that will enhance almost any landscape.


Bradenton and Sarasota Tahitian Granite projects typically include those that call for a rustic, natural feel.  The aesthetic quality, the texture, and even the distinct crunching sound of Tahitian Granite enhances this feel.  While it may appear greenish gray from afar, it is actually multicolored.  The colors included in Tahitian Granite are green, red, blue, and gray.


Sarasota and Bradenton Tahitian Granite Ideas


As a path or driveway, Tahitian Granite is ideal.  It is strong and durable, and it can withstand the weight and pressure of a vehicle.  Tahitian Granite, like other aggregates, is also a great weed barrier for the garden.  It helps to prevent erosion and soil loss, much like wooden mulches, however it does not wash away as easily as the organic mulches.


Many Bradenton and Sarasota Tahitian Granite landscape projects include driveways, walkways, and parking areas.  Like other aggregates, Tahitian Granite will help prevent standing water, puddles, and mud.  However, it can be displaced by foot traffic or vehicles.  Because of this, we always recommend buying an extra bag or two of Tahitian Granite to replace what may be moved away by traffic.   This ensures that you will always have a consistent layer of the aggregate.


Proper preparation can also help to keep Tahitian Granite in place.  For example, once the aggregate is in place, use edging around the area.  Be sure to ask about edging in our retail store.  You can also call one of our knowledgeable staff members for assistance.


Tahitian Granite is sold by the ton or it can be bagged here on property. Call one of our knowledgeable associates today to get an estimate! Looking for landscaping ideas or information about current promotions? Like us on Facebook!

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