Mesquite Stone

The Sarasota Mesquite Stone Landscape


Much like our Red Lava Rock, Mesquite Stone is also formed by intense heat.  During its formation, heat expands the rock making it an extremely light weight and absorbent stone.  This natural stone is perfect for many Bradenton and Sarasota Landscape projects.  It has a wonderful natural color that provides a perfect backdrop for landscaping features.  Mesquite Stone is also a fantastic ground cover.


Mesquite Stone is more than just a ground cover, however.  It can also be mixed with the soil in many of your Sarasota and Bradenton Landscape projects.  This mixture will provide a great environment for healthy root structure.  One reason for this is because of the absorbent properties of Mesquite Stone.  For example, Mesquite Stone is able to retain up to 15% of its weight in absorbed water.  This includes water-borne nutrients, which can be vital in some circumstances.


Water-borne nutrients are wonderful for your plants.  When Mesquite Stone has absorbed water and nutrients, it will slowly release them into the soil of your Sarasota or Bradenton Landscape.  This has potential to provide a steady food source for your soil, enhancing its quality.  This adds to the unique nature of the stone.


More Mesquite Stone Information


Mesquite Stone is also not known to interact with any agricultural or horticultural chemicals.  It will not compress; it will not decompose.  Despite being light weight, it can be considered a more permanent addition to your Sarasota and Bradenton Landscape.


Mesquite Stone is a predictable ground cover that can truly enhance your landscape or garden.  Because of its consistency, it remains stable over time.  It also provides stability under varying soil conditions.  As part of a soil mix, it allows for excellent aeration.  Be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members any further questions that you may have.  As always, Mesquite Stone is available for both delivery and pick up.


Mesquite Stone is sold by the ton or it can be bagged here on property.   It is available for pick up or delivery.  Call one of our knowledgeable associates today to get an estimate! Looking for landscaping ideas or information about current promotions? Like us on Facebook!

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