Tan River Rock

The River Rock Landscape

River Rock is a nature-made, smooth stone that is often considered a pebble. River Rock landscaping ideas are limitless. Unlike man-made stones, the smooth edges create a natural feel to your River Rock landscape. River rock commonly ranges in size from ½” to 1 ½”. It is also seen in various natural colors, making it ideal for your River Rock landscape project.

River Rock landscape ideas can include a “river bed”, a natural stone path, and more. Imagine a natural looking stone river bed breaking up your otherwise plain landscape or adding to its diversity. When considering river rock for a path, be sure to consider that the natural smoothness of river rocks creates a less stable walking area. The river rock path is meant for a lower traffic area. Man-made rocks, such as white marble chips or salt & pepper granite, may be better suited for high-traffic areas because they lock together and form a more stable base.

Maintenance is something to consider when choosing materials for your River Rock landscape. River Rock maintenance can be easy, but you need to keep on top of weeding. River rocks can be a little difficult to weed, but only if it is allowed to get out of control. Be sure to check out 1 Stop Landscape Supply’s retail store. We have various weeding products available for sale.

Biggest 1 1-2 River Rock Tan

Sarasota Tan River Rock Ideas

If you want a landscaping material with deep, rich, and natural tones, Tan River Rock is the way to go. Tan River Rock landscape projects add a natural look to your lawn or garden. Unlike the lighter, white river rock, tan river rock is generally darker. That does not mean that your Tan River Rock project will be lacking in different colors. Tan River Rock has a tan hue, but it still has a wide range of colors. Nature is hardly restricted to one color, and neither will your Tan River Rock project.

River Rock is sold by the ton or it can be bagged here on property. Call one of our knowledgeable associates today to get an estimate!  Looking for landscaping ideas or information about current promotions? Like us on Facebook!

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