The Benefits of Compost

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The Benefits of Compost

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Collected food waste and yard debris that is ready to be composted!

Compost comes from decomposed organic matter.  It is rich in microorganisms and nutrients.   When added to soil, the benefits of compost are plentiful. These benefits include improved drainage, water retention, healthy root development, and even disease resistance.  However, the benefits of compost don’t stop there. According to Sunshine Community Compost founder, Tracie Troxler, compost does much more than improve our soil. It also has a positive impact on our environment!  In fact, the use of compost impacts our waterways, our landfills, and even our society.

Benefits of Compost for our Waterways

Did you know that over-watering your lawn or garden can negatively impact our waterways?  Troxler states that this negative impact is due to runoff.  Runoff, she explains, transports excess nutrients and chemicals away from landscapes. It is a form of pollution and can also result from heavy rainstorms. Ultimately, this pollution ends up in our local water bodies where it compromises the health of water and aquatic life. Compost, however, is a great way to minimize this type of pollution.

One of the benefits of compost is that it retains up to five times its weight in water! Troxler says this is why using compost benefits our waterways. It helps landscapes to keep water and minimize runoff.  Using compost also reduces the amount of watering needed. Furthermore, she points out, using compost may also increase plants’ immunity to diseases and pests. As a result, the need for chemical solutions is reduced. It is a win-win-win!

Compost’s Impact on Landfills

What happens to your food or yard debris when you throw it away? Well, unless it goes to a specific recycling program, it ends up in the landfill. According to Troxler, sending organics to the landfill is not an optimal choice. Why? Well, the landfill environment is not suitable for the decomposition of organics. It causes the formation of greenhouse gases and leachate. In the proper environment, however, organics can be decomposed and turned into compost or other recycled materials.  By composting or using compost, you do more than keep reusable waste from landfills.  You prevent harmful chemicals from entering our air and soil.

Benefits of Compost for Society

Sunshine Community Compost educates people about composting. It gets them involved in the process. So, Troxler sees first-hand evidence of how society is affected by composting. Troxler states that the act of composting connects people to nature. She believes using compost brings attention to the fact that organics have more than one life. It helps people see the cycles of life from food-to-soil-to-food again.  It also, according to Troxler, brings transparency to personal waste creation.  Overall, she states, there is a lot to be gained when we increase awareness of how much we waste organics!

Moving Forward…

Now that you see what impact your choices have on the environment, it is time to get involved!  Contact Sunshine Community Compost to get started with home or community composting. For your projects, 1 Stop Landscape Supply has you covered.  We carry compost and multiple recycled landscaping products.  Start making a positive impact today!

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